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Chrysler Crossfire Review

The Chrysler Cossfire has a classy sporty appeal with its fold-down roof and its exterior good looks. The Crossfire’s engine has been enhanced for better performance and its suspension has been improved to make it fast. Combine all these qualities and you have a quality vehicle that appeals to a very broad audience. One of the most appealing features of the Crossfire is its exterior style. Although not many of them are seen on British roadways, the Crossfire has no problem turning heads on the high street as well. Crossfires that are fitted with the standard V6 engine enjoy a fairly swift car, while Crossfires fitted with the supercharger option add 80bhp and over 100lbs/ft of torque, making the car truly fast and all the more fun to drive. Rapid acceleration is enjoyed in both models. The car’s suspension has also been improved including enhancements made to the ESP system to allow more driver freedom before the system is set to intervene. The car’s roof folds down into the boot and accentuates the car’s physical appearance. The roof takes up a lot of boot space though and will limit storage capabilities while the roof is down.


The Crossfire is an expensive purchase. Running and fuel costs will be substantial, as well as substantial insurance premiums. The Crossfire will be a fun yet expensive investment.This Chrysler was not meant to be spacious or practical It is a two-seater convertible with limited boot space when the top is down-with the top up boot space is considerably better. The cabin’s main controls may seem complicated at first but they become easier to use after some practice. The dials and knobs are labeled and easy to find, but the warning lights display can be a little more difficult to see and is often blocked by the steering wheel. The Crossfire’s seats are comfortable enough and provide decent support. The smoother the terrain is the smoother the ride will be. The rougher the terrain is the rougher the ride will be and the more cabin noise and friction that will be experienced. Accessing this vehicle is fairly simple. The doors open widely and allow easy access for most passengers. The opening to the boot is quite small, but access is still easy enough. Parking the crossfire can be difficult with the top up due to limited rear visibility. The car’s side mirrors help however providing good visibility of the car’s exterior. With the top down the vehicle is very easy to park, providing good all around vision and great handling.

 Life Style

 The Crossfire has great driver appeal. It offers superb performance and a lot of torque. The Crossfire delivers rapid acceleration and great speed. The transmission also offers smooth shifting even when driven hard. The car’s acceleration is matched by the car’s excellent braking system. Although the steering responds quickly it still seems to be lacking. The Crossfire would not make a good family car due to its limited size. It would be a fun second car though and kids would undoubtedly enjoy showing it off to their friends. The Crossfire is not likely to make a good first car. It is an expensive purchase, and even if a new driver could afford to buy it, running costs and insurance would be very high. The car also offers way to much power and speed for a beginner driver. The Crossfire has a good overall quality and build. The cabin has some plastics that don’t seem to match the same standard of quality as the rest of the car. The car’s unusual exterior design is a real attention getter. Despite its US origins, the few Crossfires that are seen on British roads get their fair share of attention. Overall the Crossfire is seen as a great overall driving experience and a fun car to drive.

 Security and Safety

 Chrysler realizes the need for a good security system for the Crossfire. The car comes standard with a Thatcham approved alarm system and an immobilizer. The car also has remote central locking and can be set to lock automatically once the car reaches nine mph. The Crossfire hasn’t neglected safety. It comes standard with ABS, ESP, front and side airbags, and seat belt pretensioners. The Crossfire has been equipped with a good level of safety for a car of this type.

 The Finishing Touches

The car comes standard with a single CD and radio tuner with a 240 watt output. The controls are large and easy to use. The sound quality is good even when the top is down. Seats come in soft leather or suede giving the cabin a quality feel. The cabin is a pleasant mixture of dark colors and flashes of metallic plastics. Other than the cheap feel of the plastics the cabin looks and feels great.


 The Crossfire has many worthy competitors, but the added performance that the crossfire offers is well worth the price. Enthusiastic drivers will appreciate the fun and thrills that the Crossfire offers in abundance.

Peugeot 807 Review

The Peugeot 807 is a people carrier in every sense of the word. It provides excellent passenger space and high levels of comfort even on longer trips. The 807 comes well-equipped and is safe.The car’s cabin is well thought out and cleverly designed. The car’s switchgear is logically placed and functional. The gearlever is mounted on the dash and is easy to find and operate. The car’s cabin provides good levels of refinement. Engine and road noise are well suppressed. The car’s seats are comfortable and supportive, and the many creature comforts help to enhance the overall feel of the cabin. The 2.2 diesel engine is the best choice for power, performance and economy. The 2.2 delivers a more quiet and economical ride while supplying plenty of power. The other choices are adequate but the 2.2 is by far the best. The car’s seats can be rearranged or removed for added versatility. Removing the rear seats creates more cargo space and the Peugeot 807 is capable of carrying very large items. The seats can be difficult to remove, and that’s pretty common among cars in this class.


The Peugeot is a bargain buy. The 807 is inexpensive to purchase and run. The diesel engine option helps to keep fuel economy low. Insurance and running costs will be low as well. The 807 provides good value for money. The cabin provides good passenger and cargo space. Head and legroom are good all-round. Rear seats should be reserved for children due to less space in the rearmost seats. The seats can be removed in order to create better cargo space. The car’s controls and dials are logically placed and where you would expect them to be. The gearlever has cleverly been mounted on the dash for ease of use. The switchgear feels sturdy. The cabin provides good levels of comfort. The seats are comfortable and supportive and road and engine noise are kept to a minimum. The car provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. The 807 provides excellent accessibility, especially for the front and middle passengers. The rearmost row of seats is more limited space-wise and should be reserved strictly for children whenever possible. The 807 provides a good driving position. Visibility is also good all-round, making parking much easier. The car’s steering is light at low speeds and the car is easy to maneuver. It may take some practice getting used to the vehicle’s large size.

 Life Style

 The 807 was not designed for performance or speed. It was designed to carry people in a reasonable amount of comfort, and that it does very well. The 807 doesn’t deliver much in the way of driver appeal. This is an excellent family vehicle. It provides adequate seating and good passenger space. The boot is a reasonable size as well. The car is durable enough to withstand the rigors of family life. The 807 would not make a good first car. It is way too big and will be much more car than what most first time buyers need. The 807 also embodies very few features that younger drivers would find appealing. Peugeot makes a wide range of vehicles. The quality of the car’s build and materials that are being used has steadily been improving. Peugeot offers affordable prices on practical vehicles.

 Security and Safety

The car’s basic security features include auto closing sunroof and windows, automatic door lock after 30 seconds, automatic tailgate locking over 6mph, coded in car entertainment, deadlocks, a multi-function high frequency Plip key, remote central locking for doors, fuel cap and tailgate, immoboliser and visible VIN number and a lockable glove box.

The car’s standard safety features include electrically operated child locks on rear doors, front and rear curtain airbags, front and rear door side impact beams, front side airbags, 3 point seatbelts on all seats, fuel cut off switch and smart driver/front passenger airbags.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit consists of radio/CD player. The system is functional and easy to use. The unit boasts good sound quality. The basic controls have been duplicated on the car’s steering-wheel for driver convenience.

The car’s interior also includes two upper dash storage compartments, second row storage area, cloth trim, height/reach adjust steering wheel and an under dash storage area below steering wheel.


The 807 is a well-equipped MPV. The 807 will face steep competition in this sector but doesn’t seem to mind. The Peugeot is priced higher than other Peugeots but may have a hard time against bigger names. The car offers loads of practicality and a good deal of versatility as well. Families will love the possibilities that the 807 brings.

Volvo Teases New XC90

Volvo has teased the next generation XC90, its large 4×4 offering, ahead of the vehicle’s planned launch next year.

After stumbling across a site called BuyYourVolvo this morning I came across an article on Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo’s new head of design, who has revealed the new model during an official Volvo presentation.

As can be seen from the image, the car sports the same front-end design styling which has been adopted across the Volvo range and which was previewed last week through Volvo’s Concept Coupe. It also gets the same T-shaped daytime-running lights and a large badge on the grill.

xc90The new XC90 will be on offer with a range of 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, which will both be available with either a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

No immediate plans have been made to put the car into production, but considering the current Volvo XC90 has seen very few changes since it was first produced over 10 years ago, an update seems long overdue.

It is currently on sale from £38,865, with range-topping models costing in excess of £45,000. Used XC90 models can cost a fraction of this price however, even vehicles which are only a few years old. Listings can be found online at and

Practical Car sites

Whilst we deal with anything car related at WaSite, we only really deal with the information side of things and you can’t use us for much beyond that, should you require a more practical automotive site however, we have plenty of suggestions, no matter what you are looking for.

There are sites out there dedicated to all the different aspects of the motor world. Whether you are looking for quotes, classified adverts or repair Information. Obviously there is Autotrader, a great place to start, but there are also some other hidden gems out there that you might want to explore.

Edmunds is a good one where you can search for New or Used cars, seek out tips and advice, or kill time by reading articles and reviews. It is easy to use and reliable.waaa

One site in particular that has attracted our attention in the UK is a, it is originally a classified ad site, though it doesn’t just stick to Used Cars, there are also sections for New Cars, Car Leasing and Car Parts.

Furthermore there is plenty of media to look at including articles and videos. Another thing it offers, which we believe to be unique, is a Car Servicing and MOT price comparison feature, which could potentially help every car owner save some money when it comes to getting the car serviced or MOT checked.