Top 5 Getaway Vehicles

Planning on robbing a bank in the coming months? Join as we take a look back as some of the most successful getaway cars history has to offer.

No.5: The Mini Cooper
The Mini Cooper might not be the first car that comes to mind when you are thinking of hardened criminals, and it may not offer the blistering pace that is required to out run those meddling rozzers, but the cars agility will serve you well should you find yourself in a getaway situation. The film, ‘The Italian Job’ demonstrated the Mini Coopers getaway potential, though we aren’t sure that the film reflects reality too accurately. Buy a Second Hand Mini Cooper and start planning your heist today!

No.4: Marauder
If you are planning on stealing a small country, the Marauder could be for you, it’s a monster! It carries a team of 10, but we’re sure you could sneak one more in if you want to recreate Ocean’s 11. It features ballistic protection against projectiles up to STANAG 4569 Level III… We have no idea what that means, but it sounds impressive. It can withstand mines, TNT and it doesn’t handle potholes; it creates them.

Obviously then the Marauder would offer a bunch of advantages in a heist situation, it is hardly inconspicuous though and you may raise a few eyebrows when you bring the Marauder in for its Annual MOT Check.

No.3: The School Bus
Not your typical getaway vehicle, but Batman’s nemesis, the ‘Joker’, demonstrated in spectacular fashion how you can use your surroundings to your advantage in a heist situation. Planned to perfection, he slipped out of the bank he’d just robbed into a street where a convoy of yellow school busses were passing through, sneaking in amongst them without raising any eyebrows. We think his run of the mill bus-driver costume really sealed the deal though.

No.2: The 1934 Ford Fordor Deluxe Sedan
This car was made infamous in 1934 by the criminal couple; Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. After being used for a 2,500 mile crime spree, the V8 Ford is definitely worthy of our list. After a crime-spree which lasted two years (the Ford was used for under a month), the duo was stopped with fatal force when more than 100 bullets pierced the Ford. With such a dark story behind it, this Ford V8 has made its way into the history books and is often referred to as the death car. It is covered in bullet holes, so don’t expect to see it on any Used Car Sites.

No.1: Bulldozer
After mooning a gang of Hell’s Angels and throwing a puppy at them (as you do), a German student decided his best chance of escape came in the form of a stolen bulldozer from a nearby building site. Despite the bulldozers snail like pace which created a 5km tailback on the motorway, the German student eventually managed to get home before getting arrested by the police.

As far as the vehicle is concerned, we see this as a success. Thanks to its uniqueness and the bizarre story behind it, we felt the unsuspecting bulldozer deserved our number one spot.

Whilst all of these are indeed fantastic getaway cars, if you are actually planning on doing crime, I would also definitely suggest getting yourself a motorbike. I have extensive getaway experience on GTA and they are vary useful, especially if you are escaping in rush hour. Head over to buyyourmotorbike for more.

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